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LPG powered vehicles are becoming more and more popular as petrol prices continue to rise. There are also good environmental reasons why people make the conversion. Carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and hydrocarbon emissions are much lower from LPG than from petrol or diesel. LPG is currently much cheaper than petrol or diesel and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  


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LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas which is colorless odourless and is used in many applications other than the auto industry such as heating and cooking etc. LPG used in vehicles is designed specifically for vehicles and can be either propane or butane.


How does a LPG System work?

A Liquid Propane gas system consists usually of the few parts. First, there is a tank often fitted in the vehicle's boot which contains the LPG. LPG flows through a filter and shut off valve. This is a valve that only opens when there is an engine RPM. The value shuts for safety reasons so the LPG cannot flow from the tank when the engine is switched off.

The LPG changes from a liquid to a gas through a regulator. They are two types of regulator, one type doesn't need any external adjustment and all it does is change the state of the gas.  A more complex regulator has a screw for changing idle mixtures. Once the LPG has gone through the regulator it is in a gas form, it travels to the intake manifold and is ignited by the heat of the engine. In lay terms a LPG vehicle works in exactly the same way as a petrol or diesel engine, just with a new fuel medium. Everything about the vehicle remains much the same but a separate fuelling system is fitted with its own tank, tubing and injectors.


Suitable vehicles for conversion

It is possible to convert any vehicle engine to run on LPG. The reality is only non-turbo charged engines are suitable for conversion to LPG. Also most vehicles have duel fuel capability and the driver can switch between the two fuels even when on the move.


Manufacturer's warranty

Vehicle warranties are not usually made void by the installation of an LPG system if fitted correctly by professionals.


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