Clutch Service


Clutch service issues can bring your day to a halt. Grinding, popping or slipping clutches can cause serious damage to a car or truck's transmission. When you come up against one of these issues in Riverview, turn to one of the best mechanics in Ipswich.


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Working with the Clutch Experts

Not only are we part of the Repco Authorised Service Centre program, but we are right in your own backyard. With a skilled team of technicians you can be sure that whether the issue is in the bearings, the cables or the clutch plate, we can fix it. Our connection with this large brand, puts you in the best position possible as a consumer. Benefits of being a part of the Repco network include:

  • A large brand network at a locally owned and operated location
  • Convenient location in Riverview
  • Backed by the Repco Nationwide Warranty
  • Ongoing training for our mechanics
  • Service Bulletins with all the latest in parts, diagnostics and services


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Wedmaier's Garage Services

  • Manual Transmission Check
  • Automatic Transmission Check
  • Topping Off on all Transmission Fluids
  • Clutch Repair
  • Clutch Disc Replacement
  • Flywheel Replacement
  • Clutch Plate Replacement
  • Clutch Bearing Replacement
  • Heavy Duty Clutch Kit Supply
  • Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement


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Glossary of Clutch and Transmission Terms

  • Manual Transmission: This transmission is controlled by the driver through a clutch pedal and shifter in the car. 
  • Automatic Transmission: This transmission is controlled by the car's computer with hydraulic systems. There are several different planetary gears within the car.
  • Clutch Parts: A clutch is comprised of a flywheel which is connected to the engine, a clutch plate and clutch disc which is connected to the transmission. 
  • Clutch Slippage: When the friction material on the clutch disc wears out the connection to the flywheel will begin to slip. This causes the flywheel and the clutch to operate at different times and causes engine timing issues. 
  • Hard Clutch: When a clutch is not easy to depress then you have a hard clutch. This may be due to the clutch cable, pedal linkage or the pivot ball, among other things. 
  • Clutch Master Cylinder: This control device helps to convert the force from your foot on the clutch pedal into hydraulic pressure in the clutch system.

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